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Vocalization ...

Vocalization is the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract. In common terms of vocal sound production, vocalization is considered as speaking. In music, vocalization is equivalent to singing.

Generally, the basic process of vocal sound production is the same in both speaking and singing.

In vocal music, vocalization is the art of producing various voice inflections based on the vibration speed of the vocal folds. This process starts when the brain sends signals through the nervous system to the muscles of the head, neck and torso thereby producing inhalation prior to vocalization.

Vocalization plays a very important role in your quest to improve your vocal range. So how does it work?

This is the main topic in this lesson. Also, in this lesson, I will be sharing with you the different vocalization exercises that I have personally used over the years. You can use these vocalization exercises variably as you progress in your journey to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal quality.

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