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Vocal Projection ...

One of the most common questions of my students is "how do I project my voice?"

One of the ways to project your voice is by learning how to breathe properly. Breathing is defined as the alternate inhalation and exhalation of air during respiration.

Breathing greatly affects voice projection. Generally, a good breath control is essential if you want to sing safely and powerfully.

There are two very important body parts that we use when we breathe: the lungs and the diaphragm. The lungs are commonly used as air storage. Just underneath the lungs is the diaphragm.

In this lesson you will learn:
  • How to project your voice without shouting;
  • How to use your diaphragm to generate a powerful voice;
  • How to use your lower abdominal muscles to push up your diaphragm to regulate your airflow so that your voice is rightly projected without straining your vocal cords.

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