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Understanding Musical Terms ...

A very imporant key to master any field in music is to understand the basic musical terms.  This lesson covers  three topics:

Topic 1 teaches you the basic musical staff and the musical alphabet as well as the treble clef, the bass clef, the grand staff, leger lines, bar lines, dobule bar lines, the bar or measure, and the time signature.

Topic 2 covers the different kinds of musical scales such as  diatonic and chromatic scales, major and minor scales. These topics are essential for you to understand the different vocalisation techniques and exercises that you will be learning the the Advanced Level.

Topic 3 takes up the importance of understanding the octaves. This particular topic is carefully selected inorder to prepare yourself for the advanced lesson on how to enhance your vocal range.

Also included is a basic lesson on note reading and musical theory that will serve as the basic foundation for your singing career. It is very important that you learn how to read notes so that when you are given a song piece to sing you can easily learn the exact melody of the song.

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