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Music Production ...

Music production involves five steps:

  1. Writing
    Obviously, music has to be written first. People who do this are called Composers. They are the ones who, through their creative imagination, make possible the harmony of different notes and convert them into music.

  2. Arranging
    Before music is produced, it has to be arranged first. Music arrangers are the ones responsible for the harmony and blending of the different musical instruments played by different musicians in an orchestra for example.

  3. Rehearsing
    Each instrument arrangement is given to the corresponding musician to study and rehearse. Then all the musicians come together and with the direction of the music director and conductor, they play the arranged music.

  4. Recording
    With the assistance of recording technicians, the musicians are now ready to record the music that they have been rehearsing.

  5. Producing
    This is the stage when the recorded music is ready to be produced into several copies  of audio materials such as cassette tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.
Live music production obviously needs a lot of preparation because there is no second chance. It's a “one go only” opportunity. If you make a mistake, that's it. You have no time to "redeem yourself," so to say. Recorded music production also requires a lot of preparation to minimize studio time. However, if you make a mistake, there's nothing to worry because you can go back and re-record the same part over and over again until you make it right.

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