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Professional Level:
Your Singing Career ...

The Professional Level covers all the lessons of singing on a performance level. This is the level where you will truly experience the wonderful power of your voice as you apply all the techniques you have learned from the Advanced Level.
At this level, you will also be  guided as to which of the  two basic directions of professional singing you are going to take: The Recording Artist and/or the Stage Performer. There will be a step by step guide on each direction.

The lessons on physical and mental preparation as well as the exercises on idealization, visualization, verbalization, and materialization will enable you to really make the right choice of where you want to go with your singing career.

Lastly, we will also discuss in this level the rare opportunity to work with me, not just as your vocal music coach,  but an over-all coach and mentor who will guide you along the way so that you will become successful as a professional singer, whether as a recording artist or a stage performer, or both.

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