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"I left TMX in 1992 to focus on my photography business. With God's grace, it has developed into a business - a wedding and event photo and video studio (www.papicture.ph). Recently I have been interested in short film making. I just realized now that the principle of photographic design, cinematography and musical composition are the same. Before I started my photography, my interest was song writing. That was my starting point of appreciating art and my first and only teacher in song writing is you that was around 1983-85 if I'm not mistaken."

 -- Lemuel Arrogante
Cebu, Philippines

"What shall i say that you can have use for? something that says how long you have been in the business of making music? well, the jingles you wrote for some businesses here have been on air long after you have left. your "Panumpa" is now a certified Visayan Classic by the way it is played alongside Visayan greats like "Olivia", "Kamingaw sa Payag" and the rest. you have indeed come a long way :)"

-- Orlan Dalguntas
School Collegue
Cebu City, Philippines

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How to become a

I have to admit not eveyone can become a songwriter. This lesson is for those who are really serious and have the passion and the heart to write their own songs, but don't know how to do it or where to start.

My first song was written when I was in first year high school. I was 13 years old then. It was my homework for our subject in literature. I just simply created some tunes that would fit into the words of what I was studying.

Later on I discovered that I could learn and study better if I put music into the words that I was studying. I could memorize better and I could remember more when exams came.  
Since then, I developed the habit of singing my homework in Literature. Sometimes I sounded funny, I had to admit. The tunes were not very pleasant at first but as I progressed, there were some tunes which sounded really good, so I refined the music and after a few revisions I had my first song.

To date I have written more than 100 songs in a variety of genre: from folk music, to ballad, to Pop, R&B, and even rock music. I began teaching students how to write songs right after I finished my seminary studies but it was done very informally at first. Then more and more students asked me to teach them how they can learn to write songs.

At 25 years old, when I started working as a university teacher, one of the subjects I taught was music composition. In a classroom environment, I was teaching my students how to write music based on my own techniques and methodologies.  I've been teaching songwriting since then.

Songwriting can be learned. So give yourself a chance. Explore your potential and maximize it. One day you will be writing a song that would become a big hit in the music charts.

I conduct all songwriting lessons for one hour per session once a week. 

Click here to book your songwriting lessons.

"Had an awesome time with my father at his studio. Productive. Educational. Humbling. His new song is effing awesome. It's like if CSNY had a fight with Pink Floyd referred by french band Air. Man, i gotta review everything i thought i knew about making music."

 --Benson Noynay, Singer-Songwriter
Melbourne, Australia
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