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"I know Ben Noynay to be a great music coach to many aspiring choir and theater performers in Cebu City. His music compositions touch the heart , one of which he allowed me to use as the theme song of a movie I directed and where he did a sterling performance as the lead actor. This same song which spoke about a new beginning and which was a finalist in the biggest song competition in Cebu, he sang during my wedding." 

-- Bien Fernandez Director/Professor
Cebu, Philippines


"The Filipino Choir of St. Francis’ , Melbourne, was founded in 1992 and, as all choirs, has had its periods of growth and development. The beginning was marked with much enthusiasm and generosity but there was a felt need for a more professional leadership and, at the same time, instruction on breathing, voice production and other techniques to bring the best out of the latent talent and possibilities of the dedicated choir members. The arrival of Ben Noynay was a real gift to the choir as he had the musical talent, leadership skills and background required for a good choir director. The Filipino Choir profited from his expertise and achieved a high level of performance under his direction.

-- Fr. Edward Wood
Chaplain to the Filipino Choir of St. Francis - Melbourne, Australia

"Since Bro. Ben joined the church I was attending in Melbourne, Australia, he conducted training for voice and playing instruments for the music team. Within weeks, I saw the great improvements of our music team in terms of playing instruments and singing with confidence."

"Besides that, he also assembled a choir which most of us didn’t have experience in singing but the result was fulfilling. I could not even imagine myself singing in a choir."

-- Kevin Bane
Church Keyboard Player

"The first time I've joined the Filipino Choir of St. Francis in Melbourne, months before Ben joined, I didn't see the commitment of the members on putting in their best efforts to improve the quality of their singing as they had different singing backgrounds and had their own style of singing. But, when Ben came and taught new contemporary songs, some of which he personally arranged "on the spot" beautifully with several voices, the choir was tranformed into a "world class" choir with committed and inspired members. Everyone learned the proper breathing, quality of voice, phrasing, harmony and blending, and we started hitting the right tones with the right volume! Never have I met such a professional with a lot of knowledge, experience, and, a passion for excellence in his undertakings. Truly, he is a remarkable maestro with a lot of wisdom for teaching!"

-- Antonio Noel de la Pena Jr.

Filipino Choir of St. Francis

Melbourne, Australia


Vocal Group Singing ...

Central Bank Regional Office Choral Group
Cebu City, Philippines

Are you involved in a choir or a vocal group?

Maybe you are a member of your church choir, school choir, community choir, or just a small vocal group composed of close friends who just love to sing as a group. Whatever it is, I know I can help you with your vocal/choir practice.

Combined "Talamban Touch" & "Getsemani Parish Choir"
Cebu City & Mandaue City, Philippines

I've been teaching various choral groups from children to adults since 1975. 
Click here to see a list of choral groups that I've taught over the years.

St. Martin de Porres Parish Choir
Ilihan, Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines

My expertise in vocal arrangement can be implemented for the following vocal group combinations:

  • Four Voices- All Male Choir (T1, T2, B1, B2)
  • Three Voices - All Male Choir (T1, T2, B)
  • Four Voices - All Female Choir (S1, S2, A1, A2)
  • Three Voices - All Female Choir (S1, A1, A2)
  • Three Voices - Mixed Choir (A, T, B)
  • Four Voices - Mixed Choir (S, A, T, B)

Filipino Choir of St. Francis
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you are an existing choir director or vocal group leader and you think you would need some help with your group, give me a call, or send me an email. I'm sure I can offer some suggestions to enhance what you have already organized.

Treasure Craft Company Employees Choir
Mandaue City, Philippines

"Ben Noynay was our tutor in the Treasure Craft Company employees' choir way back in the mid to late 1980's: It was really my first lesson in music which I learned from him that when one sings, he has to get a wind boost from his diaphragm so that a wind will facilitate one's vocal chords to properly vibrate like that when a wind instrument is being played. In addition, I had learned that one has to add the letter "H" to the first syllable of a word if it starts with a vowel as an aid in the proper pronunciation of words when one is singing. Indeed there were a lot of things in music relayed to us by Ben which I considered then as my first basic lessons in singing that until even now have helped me in my "Karaoke" encounters."

-- Oscar Lequit
Choir Member, Treasure Craft Company Employees Choir
Mandaue City, Philippines

Or maybe you want to form your own vocal/choir group but don't know how to start and where to go for help. Well, you've come to the right place because I know for sure that I can help you.

Click here to inquire for more information.

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