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Introducing... Your Coach, Ben Noynay

Ben is a vocal music teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. He teaches music passionately and takes care of his students personally. Ben says "Music is not just something that I do... it's my life."

Ben's musical career started when he was appointed Assistant Music Director of the school where he studied. He was also a member of the school special choir which won grand prize awards in various choral competitions

Even during his student years, Ben was sought after as a Vocal Music Coach and a Choir Trainer and Director by different colleges, universities, and parishes in Cebu City, Philippines.

After completing studies, Ben started working as a university teacher. After his school commitments, he was also training and directing choral groups in various establishments. Below is a list of different choral groups Ben has taught over the years.

  1. Atlas Mining Corporation Choir - Lutupan, Toledo City
  2. Basak Parish Choir - Basak, Cebu City
  3. Carcar Parish Choir - Carcar, Cebu City
  4. Cebu Institute of Medicine Choir (CIM) – Cebu City
  5. Central Bank of the Philippines Regional Office Chorale (CBRO) – Cebu City
  6. Community of Former Seminarians (CFS Choir)
  7. Fairchild, Inc. Choir – Lapulapu City
  8. Far East Bank & Trust Company Choir (FEBTC) – Cebu City
  9. Fatima Parish Choir - Basak Mandaue City
  10. Filipino Choir of St. Francis – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  11. Gethsemane Parish Choir - Kasuntingan, Mandaue City
  12. Guadalupe Parish Choir - Guadalupe, Cebu City
  13. La Tondena, Inc. Choir –Mandaue City
  14. Minglanilla Parish Choir - Minglanilla, Cebu City
  15. MCGC Praise and Worship Team – Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia
  16. National Manpower and Youth Council Choir (NMYC) – Cebu City
  17. Pardo Parish Choir - Pardo, Cebu City
  18. Philippine Long Distance Company Choir (PLDT) – Mandaue City
  19. Ramon Durano Foundation Chaplaincy - Danao City
  20. Rustan's Supermarket, Inc. Choir (RSI) – Cebu City
  21. San Isidro Parish School Choir - Talamban, Cebu City
  22. San Miguel Corporation Choir (SMC-GSD) – Mandaue City
  23. San Vicente Ferrer Parish Choir - Bogo City
  24. SOS Children's Village-Cebu Choir – Talamban Cebu City
  25. Southwestern University (SWU Nursing) – Cebu City
  26. St. Francis Choir – Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
  27. St. Joseph Parish Choir - Mandaue City
  28. St. Martin de Porres Parish Choir - Ilihan, Tabogon, Cebu
  29. St. Theresa’s College Glee Club (STC) – Cebu City
  30. St. Therese Parish Choir - Lahug, Cebu City
  31. Sto. Nino Village Youth Choir – Banilad, Cebu City
  32. Tabunok Parish Choir - Tabunok, Talisay City
  33. Talisay Parish Choir - Talisay City
  34. Timex Philippines – Lapulapu City
  35. Toledo Parish Choir - Toledo City
  36. Treasure Craft Company Choir – Mandaue City
  37. University of San Carlos (USC - REED) – Cebu City
  38. University of San Carlos (USC-Girls High School) – Cebu City
  39. University of San Carlos (USC-Nursing Department) – Cebu City
  40. University of the Philippines College Cebu (UPCC) – Cebu City
  41. Velez College of Nursing – Cebu City

Over and above his commitment to different choral groups, Ben was also directing/producing concerts and musical shows among which were:

  1. “ON WINGS OF SONG” by the Central Bank Regional Office (CBRO) Chorale...
  2. “NOSTALGIA ’88” by the Community of Former Seminarians (CFS) Choir...
  3. "A TRIBUTE TO DR. HERMAN MEINER" a concert performed by CFS & SOS Children's Village Children...
  4. “PAGMAHAL SA BISAYA- A CONCERT” for GMA-7 and DYSS AM Anniversary performed by DULCE AMOR, MAX SURBAN, JAIME SALAZAR and other local artists...
  5. “LOOKING THRU THE EYES OF CHRIS” a two-night concert which featured a 7-year old blind pianist, together with the CFS Choir, UV Dance Troupe and many other performers...
  6. “THE OTHER SIDE OF MAX SURBAN” a two-night concert featuring a Cebu artist Max Surban performing classical love songs...
  7. "C.E.B.U. Halad sa CEBU" a free concert performed by C.E.B.U. - Cebu Entertainers and Bands United as fundraising for typhoon victims...

One of the highlights of Ben’s career in the field of music was his winning participation in the Cebu Popular Music Festival as a composer, lyricist, and interpreter.

In 1981, he submitted a song entry entitled "IKAW, CEBU" as composer/lyricist. "Ikaw, Cebu" (You, Cebu), was chosen as one of the 12 Finalists among hundreds of entries into the First Cebu Popular Music Festival which is the most prestigious music composition competition in Cebu City. In 1983, Ben submitted "BARUGANAN SA KINAADMAN" as composer/lyricist/interpreter. "Baruganan Sa Kinaadman" (Principle of Knowledge), was chosen as one of the 12 Finalists among hundreds of entries into the Third Cebu Popular Music Festival.

The most rewarding year was 1985 when Ben submitted his song entry entitled “PANUMPA” (Promise) as composer/lyricist. 1985 was the year of the Fifth Cebu Popular Music Festival and "Panumpa" was chosen as one of the 12 Finalists among hundreds of entries. The Cebu Pop Music Foundation in cooperation with the provincial government of Cebu decided to organize a concert tour featuring all the songs, composers, singers, arrangers, musicians involved in the Fifth Cebu Popular Music Festival. The concert was so successful that all the 12 song entries became very popular. And that also made "Panumpa" popular. In fact, the song is still being heard in the local air waves of Cebu City up to the present.

Ben has written more than 100 songs to date. His songs are varied in genres, from ballad, to folk, to blues, jazz, pop and rock. One thing is consistent though with all of Ben's songs. All of them have themes that inspire the listeners, positive messages to lift up one's soul, songs of love, hopes and dreams, struggles and victories.

Click here to listen to some of Ben's songs.

In 1992, Ben and his family migrated to Australia where he is presently residing. Again, Ben successfully established himself in the field of music starting with an invitation of the former president of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc.(FCCVI), to direct a 9-night show as part of the celebration of the Melbourne International FolkFest in 1993 and 1994.

Shortly after the second FolkFest, Ben started teaching vocal music to individual students within metropolitan Melbourne. It was also during this time that Ben started training and directing St. Francis Filipino Choir that sings regularly at St. Francis Church in the city of Melbourne until today.

The chaplain of the Filipino Choir of St. Francis church is Father Ed Wood. As an observer, Here's what Father Ed said about Ben:

"The Filipino Choir of St. Francis,” Melbourne, was founded in 1992 and, as all choirs, has had its periods of growth and development. The beginning was marked with much enthusiasm and generosity but there was a felt need for a more professional leadership and, at the same time, instruction on breathing, voice production and other techniques to bring the best out of the latent talent and possibilities of the dedicated choir members. The arrival of Ben Noynay was a real gift to the choir as he had the musical talent, leadership skills and background required for a good choir director. The Filipino Choir profited from his expertise and achieved a high level of performance under his direction. Eventually Ben Noynay moved on to follow his career but his legacy remains with the older choir members who still follow his methods and, to some extent, help newcomers to appreciate what it means to be dedicated to singing in a choir. He is on all accounts an excellent teacher and his skills and discipline bring out the best in a choir."

During that time, the president of the Filipino Choir of St. Francis was Noel de la Pena. Here's what Noel said about Ben:

"The first time I've joined the Filipino Choir of St. Francis in Melbourne, months before Ben joined, I didn’t see the commitment of the members on putting in their best efforts to improve the quality of their singing as they had different singing backgrounds and had their own style of singing. But, when Ben came and taught new contemporary songs, some of which he personally arranged "on the spot" beautifully with several voices, the choir was transformed into a "world class" choir with committed and inspired members. Everyone learned the proper breathing, quality of voice, phrasing, harmony and blending, and we started hitting the right tones with the right volume! Never have I met such a professional with a lot of knowledge, experience, and, a passion for excellence in his undertakings. Truly, he is a remarkable maestro with a lot of wisdom for teaching!"

Click here to read more testimonials from Ben's students over the years.

Since his arrival in Australia, Ben continues to teach music specializing in piano, guitar and singing. 

 To find more about Ben Noynay, visit his website at www.bennoynay.com.

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